Gladiators News · New School Branding Survey – Deadline May 13, 2020

Hello Gladiator Family,

The 2nd and final naming survey for the 2 high schools has been released and will be available until Wednesday, 5/13/2020.  We would encourage each of you to fill it out.  It’s really only 2 questions with the option for a comment.  It should take no more than a minute or two to complete.

Please take our survey

Just as in the previous survey, you may fill out the survey once for the new high school and again for Morton.  You will need to use a different web browser (Internet Explorer) or Incognito mode in Google Chrome to fill out the survey a second time.  You could also use a different device, such as a cell phone, Chromebook, or PC. This is only necessary if you want to complete the survey for both schools.